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Tech Buddies Here is the Best Chance to Visit the Upcoming Tech Events in Pune. Just Book Your Tickets!

Tech-hungry people are always in search of the best technology events and events related to the tech where they can increase their knowledge. When it comes to new technology I am the first one to read the news about the tech but when it comes to learning technology then I am the worst learner. But few people are the best when it comes to learning certain kinds of technology and tech-related stuff. These people who belong to this category are just having the best chance of them in the upcoming tech events in Pune Just book your seats and reserve it before some else does so.

You will get know about the newest tech and technology where the whole world is using. Tech always has some pros as well as cons so just see how they are developed and how they are creating history by learning about them in these upcoming tech events in Pune Don’t wait for somebody else to book your seat and let him take the advantages of the tech events.

See the details of the Upcoming Tech Events in Pune Where They Are Happening in Pune:

1. Just Testing :

About the upcoming tech events: If you love testing then here is your chance to participate in the event which is just made for you to learn to test. Book your tickets before somebody else will learn to test. Book Now

Date and Time: 3 OCT 2019 – 31 DEC 2019 12:00 AM (IST) ONWARDS

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About the upcoming tech events in Pune: Interested for a workshop in IoT then here is the event which will help you to know more about IoT. It is 4th Edition of National Level Event. So book your tickets today.

Date and Time: 14 NOV 2019 – 15 NOV 2019 9:00 AM (IST) ONWARDS

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3. Machine Learning and Deep Learning Day – Pune

About the upcoming tech events in Pune: What is Machine Learning?  What to know more about it? Machine Learning is a part of Artificial Intelligence which allows the machine to learn automatically without externally programmed

Date and Time: 15 NOV 2019: 8:30AM – 5:30 PM (IST)

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4. #HackathonPune 2019 organized by e-Zest and Fresco Capital

About the upcoming tech events in Pune: Again in Pune the most exciting Hackathon 2019 this with more exciting and intense. So what are you waiting for just Register or Book your tickets today.

Date and Time: 16 NOV 2019 – 17 NOV 2019 8:30 AM (IST) ONWARDS

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5. Cy-Fi Arts Festival 2019:

About the upcoming tech events in Pune: The new age of computer which reflects the cyberspace of humans with digital content growing very vastly. If you are interested then Book your Seats Today and learn more about Cy-Fi Arts and Festival 2019.

Date and Time: 16 NOV 2019: 9:00AM – 9:00 AM (IST)

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To Summarize

These are the newest tech events in Pune which is hosted in your city. So what are waiting and watching just find the best tech events which you can find new excitement and knowledge about the hottest tech and technology Don’t wait for the seats to get full and just book your tickets now and today for the hottest events in Pune?

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