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Get Ready for the Most Exciting Marathons Happening in your Town Upcoming Mumbai Marathon.

When was the last time that you participated in a marathon and won any medal or certificate? Don’t remember don’t worry even I don’t remember. But did you enjoy the excitement and thrill by participating in the marathons? I enjoyed my level best when I had participated in a Mumbai marathon. There is a lot of fun and there are also lots of health benefits when taking marathons. Running gives you the best health benefits even if you don’t get any kind of medal so what are you waiting for just participate in the upcoming Mumbai marathon.

You will get two packages in one deal the medal of certificate and even if you don’t win you will get additional health benefits in running. You will get these benefits packed with the deal. Running helps you to build your bones more strong, Strengthen muscles, cardiovascular fitness and also helps you to maintain a healthy weight.

Check Out The List of Upcoming Mumbai Marathon and Select Yours:

1. Mastek Foundation Run 2019 :

About the Mumbai marathon: Mastek Foundation Run is an annual charity event hosted on 3rd November 2019 in Mumbai. The event is the 8th edition of the run and Mastek Foundation wants the event to reach new heights. This event has four categories which includes

1) Half marathon (21kms)

2) Timed Race 10K Run (10kms)

3) Timed Race 5K Run (5kms)

4) Fun Run/Family Run (3kms)

Date and time: 3rd November 2019 5.30 AM -9.30 AM

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2. Corporate Run India:  Mumbai 2019:

About the Mumbai marathon: Welcome to the 3rd Edition of the Corporate Run India 2019: Mumbai. The event promotes running and camaraderie amongst Employees. The event promotes those benefits of running and walking for the employee’s fitness. If you are an employee then just register for the event and become healthy.

Date and time: 3rd November 2019 11.00 AM

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3. Maruti Suzuki Arena Devils Circuit 2019:

About the Mumbai Marathon: The event is Asia’s Biggest Event. It is the biggest obstacle running race the Maruti Suzuki Arena Devils Circuit. The event is much awaited and is marked by every sport enthusiastic in their calendar. So what are you waiting for if you are sports enthusiastic then register today before it’s too late.

Date and Time: 3rd November 2019 6.00 AM – 12.00 PM

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4. Moon Night Ultra 12 Hour:

About the Mumbai, Marathon: The Event has 3 Categories

1)3 Hour Run- Minimum 18 Km

2) 6 Hour Run- Minimum 35Km

3) 12 Hour Run- Minimum 65 Km

Date and time: 9th November 2019 5.00 PM Onwards

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5. Mumbai Green Half Marathon:

About the Mumbai Marathon: Mumbai Green Half Marathon is one of the Qualifier runs for all major marathons in India. Run has 3 categories.

1)21 Km – Reporting Time- 5 AM (Race will begin at 5.30 AM)

2) 10 Km – Reporting Time-5.30 AM (Race will begin at 6.00 AM)

3) 5 Km – Reporting Time- 6.00 AM (Race will begin at 6.15 AM)

Date and time: 17th November 2019 5.00 AM- 8.30 AM

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In Conclusion

These are the upcoming marathon in Mumbai where you will get a chance to experience the best of the Mumbai marathon happening and you can have the benefits of running and experience the best of Mumbai marathon 2019. So what are you waiting for just book your ticket now and find all the benefits?

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