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How many of us have run in a running race in school and have won a medal for yourself? You may have won many medals for the running race in school but I was the one who was the slowest like the tortoise. But never mind there is a saying called “Slow and steady wins the race”. I will win some other time. Everybody is not the same when it comes to the marathon I would happily and would love to run in the Pune Marathon. Why because as I am the “Slowest runner” Even the Tortoise can beat me. In this Pune marathon, I can run like a tortoise and win.

Marathon is not just part of winning it can be helpful for your health and cure many diseases. Have you ever participated in a Marathon? The answer may be “No” or maybe “Yes”. Running a marathon can help you stay away from many diseases. Running keeps your heart in good condition. So if you want to “The Doctor Away” then just grab the chance of running in these Upcoming Pune Marathon and Run like the slowest tortoise in the world. I will recommend people from every age group to take part in this upcoming Pune marathon. Don’t waste your time in thinking just grab the chance of running in the Marathon.

Check out the details here for the upcoming Pune Marathon 2019 here and grab your marathon.

1. CC Bhandara Temple Road Race :

About the upcoming Pune Marathon: One of the best cycle marathons happening in Pune. The Bhandara Temple road race is a just 43km of racing the frequency of the race will be fast. Dedicated to “Hybrid and MTB” category of the races “WSSM Road Series”. Races are more inclusive. No bound for any kind of cyclist whether you are a professional or seasoned cyclist.

Save the date and time: – 3rd November 2019 5.00 AM- 9.00 AM

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2. Movember Run Pune Marathon 2019:

About the upcoming Pune Marathon:- The Third Edition of the Movemeber Run Race Pune 2019 organized by the snake and bake, A group of running enthusiasts. The purpose of the race is to spread awareness over the health issues affecting men for Example prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health and suicide prevention. This Run is organized to make aware of health issues. Do participate in this Run

Save the date and time:- 10th November 2019 5.30 AM-12.00 PM

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3. Pune Ultra Marathon 2019:

About the upcoming Pune Marathon:-Pune Ultra Marathon 2019 is an event for all free runners with a goal to provide ultra-runners a platform.

Save the date and time:- 16th-17th November 2019 4.30 AM- onwards

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4. Indian Cyclethon (Online Race) :

About the upcoming Pune Marathon:- Indian Cyclethon is running platform for all runners. There are 3 categories which are as follows:

1) Super 50Km: complete the race with Minimum time

2) Elite 20Km: Complete the race with minimum time

3)Amateur 10Km: Complete the race with minimum time.

Save the date and time:-  17th November 2019 12.00 AM- 11.59 PM

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5. Hinjawadi Half Marathon:

About the upcoming Marathon:–  you can book your seat for Hinjawadi Half Marathon for availing the special discount.

Save the date and time: – 17th November 2019 9.00 AM

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6. Decathlon 10k Run for the Planet :

About the upcoming Marathon: – The Event is organized by Decathlon one of the leading global brands with global goals. This event is for awareness of running and the fits of running with the customers. You can Join and Participate in the race and avail the benefits of running.

Save the date and time:-  17th November 2019 6.00 AM-6.00 PM

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7. Pune Intercity Run:

About the upcoming Marathon:- In today’s Life, Everybody wants a fit body without buying any kind of expensive fitness gadgets. So here is the solution for it takes part in the Pune intercity run and gets all the benefits of running within less time.

Save the date and time:- 17th November 2019 11.00 AM

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People sitting at home during the weekend just consider these marathons for your health benefits. Find the excitement and adventure hidden in these marathons so take part in these marathons and get fit. Don’t be late before somebody else books his ticket. Stay connected to know more about a sports event.

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